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Exhibitions and shows

COVID 19 Charity Art Project,Gnani Arts ,Singapore , May 2021
Affordable Online Art Fair ,Singapore,April May 2021
The Rule Of Narrative ll a group show by Gnani Arts ,Singapore March 2021
Breakthrough Art Raffle,India,March 2021
Discover the Undiscovered,by MayinArt,@ The American Club ,Singapore,
Jan Feb 2021.
Aqua Peace,online art exhibition featuring 75 artists,March 2020
Group show in Surat,January 2020.
The Jai Vakeel ,Champions Of Change ,Mumbai November 2019.
Art Podium, The Arts House,Singapore, September 2019
Shining Light in Singapore , Group show of International Artist ,April 2019
Charity Art Auction ,She Is More @ Sundaram Tagore Gallery,Singapore April2019
Textures group show of women Artist,Artevous,March 2019.
Art Alley,Selected artist for Gandhi competition, Singapore, Jan2019
Protsahan,group show ,Goodman Art centre, sept 2018
Art Jakarta , Aug 2018
Group show,Veda Art Gallery,Chennai,June 2018
Charity Group show ,Assisi Hospice,Singapore,May 2018
World Art Dubai,April 2018
Woman of Art,Group Show of 30 Women Artist,March 2018,Mumbai.
Palette,Group show,Edelweiss charity art auction- Delhi,February 2018
India Art Festival,Mumbai 2018 with DolnaTheMovement
Group Show ArtScape,Singapore ,Dec 2017
Group Show titled Spaces of Sanctity,Singapore,Sept 2017
Group show titled One Square Foot,Cymroza Art Gallery,Mumbai Sept 2017
Spaces Of Sanctity,Group show @ Gnani Arts,Singapore,Sept 2017
Selected as 1 of 42 artists to participate in 'Let Art Speak '-Feature Charity
Affordable Art Fair ,Singapore,April 2017.
Affordable Art Fair with Studio Fine Art, April 2017,Singapore
Group show titled Spritual,Artevouz,Mumbai, April 2017
India Art Festival,Mumbai ,October 2016
Group show titled Within Reach @ Gallerie Nvya- New Delhi July 2016
Selected as 1 of 40 artists to participate in 'Let Art Speak '-Feature Charity Wall,Affordable Art Fair ,Singapore April 2016
Cityscapes,group show,Artevouz,Mumbai,April 2016
World art Dubai,Crossborders art gallery,Dubai April 2016
Textures,group show,Artevouz,Mumbai,March 2016
Curenta ,group show ,JS Art gallery ,Delhi March 2016
Women with wings,group show ,Mumbai March 2016
Curenta,group show with JS art gallery,Jaipur March 2016
Palette,Group show,Edelweiss charity art auction- Mumbai February 2016
CSA,charity art auction @ NSCI, Mumbai November 2015
Affordable Art Fair with Astrid Dahl studio gallery November 2015
Art Fair Dubai,October 2015
Malaysia art expo , Kulalumpur September 2015
Vivid Strokes,group show of artists ,Singapore,September 2015
Affordable Art Fair ,Selected as 1 of 50 artists for SG 50 feature wall,Singapore,April 2015
Mosiac ,group show at art loft Volvo,Singapore,April 2015
Artea,group show of affordable art works,Mumbai , March 2015
Group installation with Gallery Art & soul ,Surat ,March 2015
Installation titled Contra puntal @ Kala Ghoda Art festival, Mumbai February 2015
Group show of Indian,Pakistani & srilankan artists titled Vivid Strokes ,Singapore February 2015
CSA,Charity Art auction @ Taj lands end , Mumbai November 2014
Gallery of Gnani Arts,Affordable art fair ,Singapore November 2014
Art Fair, Dubai November 2014
Malaysia art expo , Kulalumpur September 2014
Group show of Indian artists ,vivid strokes ,Singapore,September 2014
Group Show, The Easel Art Gallery June 2014
Selected as 1 of 100 artists at AAF Singapore, 100th Feature Edition May 2014
Group Show, “Hues 2”, Mumbai May 2014
Group show ,A spring sojourn,Singapore ,march 2014
Group Show, Protsahan India Foundation (Unbound) – Singapore, March 2014
Group Show, Palette 2014,Edelweiss Charity Auction – Mumbai, February 2014.
Group Show, Freshly Extracted-I at the Reading Room, Singapore, February 2014.
Affordable Art Fair, Dahlia Art Gallery,Singapore 2013
Malaysia Art Expo, Kuala Lumpur, 19-22, September 2013
Gallery of Gnani Arts ,10th Anniversary Artist Show, ION Art Gallery, Singapore, 14-20 August 2013
Group Show at Viewing Room, Mumbai May 24-29, 2013
Group Show with Pradarshak Art Gallery 22 April- 4 May 2013
Group Show ‘Resonance’ by Impressions Art Gallery at the India Art Festival, November 2012
Group show conducted by Corporate Art India at the Prince of Wales Museum, Coomaraswamy Hall, KalaGhoda in November 2012
Group show at the Artists’ Centre Gallery, Kala Ghoda in July 2012
“Treasure Trove”, a charity auction conducted for the benefit of the Jai Vakeel School for Special Children at the Trident Hotel, Mumbai, in April 2012
“PRAXIS”, a group show at the Prince of Wales Museum, Coomaraswamy Hall, Kala Ghoda ,February 2012
The Annual Autumn Art Show”, a group show at the Artists’ Centre Gallery, Kala Ghoda August 2011
Group Show at Artist Centre, Kala Ghoda, October 2010
Group show titled Oum,Mumbai, October 2009
Abstract Moda,virtual Art show curated by Raymond Yap ,Singapore June 2021
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